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Catering Menu Last List

Chef Nicole presents to you our list of products. Enjoy and contact us for more informations and orders. 

We are specialized in European & Medieval food and provide good, clean and quick services. 

Trust us and you will have a perfect event with Transilvania Hostel & Catering Events.  
tel: 506-710.280.92  506- / 506-4700.53.69

Bicolor terrine of beans with nori, and terrine of cheese in red mantle of red pickled pepper (Syr Syr terina plášťpaprikovouuhorkouCzechRepublic, France, Romania)Terina fasole= 600 col
Boeuf Salad(France) 850 col/ 50gr
Canelon of melón filled with mousse of cheese creme and capers(Italian) 680 col
Gazpacho of cucumber(Greece) 500 col/ cu bacon 670 col

Cherry tomatoes filled with mouse of eggplant on a spoon(Romanian) 750 col
Chicken salad with mango & cilantro(Costa Rica) 1400 col

Crostini with: mashrooms, beans or humus(Italian&Middle East)
beans 600 col,
mashrooms 730 col humus 625 col
Cruton with Mini Caprese(Italian)
with pesto  2500 col/bucata
Devil’s Egg with germini(USA)
1400 col
Filled Mashroom(Romanian/ France) 1700 col
Gazpacho with shrimps served on a shot(Spain) 600 col shot  / with shrimp 1300 col
Greek Salad(Greece)
820 col shot normal cheese
2853 col cu BABYmozzarela
Medieval Salad(Romanian) 700 col / 50gr
German potato salad (Germany)
750 col
Chiken on a grill with salad of vegetables, dressing on the glass 100 gr /1200 col
Scotch eggs served with avocado purre in a spoon(Scotland) 900 col/buc
Shrimps on Kiwi with cheese creem & blacksesami(Norway) 2400 col
Tuna Salad with vegetables(Sweden)
300 gr / 4000 col

Tart filled with eggplant, lettuce, tomatoes, and black sesame(Romania)
Tzuchini pane with garlic or hot salsa(Romania / Italy) 600 col + dressing
Zacusca / Zakuska(Transilvanian Receipe with Hungarian/Slovakian influence) 600 col /50gr
Hummus(Middle East) 50 gr 700col
Mash beans pure with caramelized onion decorations with yuca chips
700 col/50 gr
Pork salad with BBQ sauce, red cabbage and germini 1200 col
Vol-au-Vent(France)pork or 1000 col chicken meat farse & vegetables
Cawliflower breaded(SmazenyKvetakSlavakia)with remoulad sauce(Slovacia) 700 col
Zakuski(Leko) with 1 slice of smoked chorizo & germini(zacusca s plátkom klobásou a vyklíčili)Slovacia /Romania 1000 col
Mini chicken strips breaded with salad or purple mouse of red cabbage. 800col
Quail egg on mouse of white
beans or guacamole decórate with germini 1300 col( 1 quail egg+50gr mousse
Quique Loraine 10 portii 120-140gr/ 2100-2500 col each

Tart with bacon, Apple & Onion 8-10 portii / 120-140g/ 1800 col each
Chicken mouse roulade with vegetables and jelly of mango 1000 col, 40g
Trio terine 1200 col
Shrimps with salad of cous-cous vegetales & raisins in Martini Cup 1500 col / 100gr
Bicolore roulade with cheese creme, spinach and red pepper 800 col
Grill Chicken Breast with salad on Martini Cup 120gr /1.300 col

Clams in white wine sauce with aromatic herbs(Spain)
Croquette cheese / ham(France) with dressing of garlic & sour cream 700 COL
Meatballs with a sort of: bakecrumbs: flour, sesami, poppy, cornflakes(650 COL each  30gr simpl, International, Slovakian)
Mini Snitzer(Austria,  Germany, Slovacia,Czechrepublic, Romania) 1.000 COL each/60gr
Pinchos chicken with vegetables(International) 150gr 2.200 COL/ each
Micii(Romaniantraditional, rolls of beefmeat)
80gr / 1.500 col/buc

Mini Hamburgers 118gr/1.500 col

MAIN DISH Medieval Plateau 1-10 perssones
Bloody &Spicey  Dracula Tochitura(Romania) 300gr product
12$ no garnish, 16$ with polenta, cheese and egg
Platou for milady
(mixx grilled): 1 chicken skewel with vegetables, 1 medalion of pork on the grill, 2 MICI, rolls of beef meat, Romanian speciality, golden & fluffy potatoes, garlic sauce, salada of red, white cabbage and carrot
1,000 Kg /20 $ /12.000 COL
The Sausage of the Templier Knight
for 1-2 pers(pork sausage 500 gr, potatoes 400gr, vegetable on the grill 200gr,salad of pickled pepper 180gr, and garlic sauce 50gr /25 $ / 14.000 COL / 1,300kg
Dracula Dinner – Plateau for 2 pers.
(1 whole chicken, 2 pork marinate medallions, 4 mince meat beef rolls  MICI, Romanian traditional speciality, golden and fluffy potatoes with paprika and garlic, salad of white & red cabbage and carrot, and 2 garlic sauce) , 2.320 kg/ 1000/200/320/400/300/100gr / 47$ / 26.000 COL

Sword of king Dracula
Plateau for 4-6pers
(2 whole chicken, 4 skewels marinate with orange juice & zest, thyme and herbs, 4 pork marinate medallions with thyme, oregano, garlic and olive oil 8 mince meat beef rolls  6 MICII, Romanian traditional speciality, accompanied by golden and fluffy potatoes with paprika and garlic, salad of white & red cabbage and carrot, and 4 garlic sauce) 2000/600/400/640/800/600/200 gr/ 131$ /5,500 kg/130$ /65.000 COL

The Templar FestinPlateau for 8-10 pers(4 whole chickens, 8 chicken skewels, 8 pork cotlets, 16 MIcii, 2 kg potatoes net,  vegetables on the grill(eggplant, onion, tzuchini), 1,5 kg of salad and 8 garlic sauce)   11.330 kg / 170.000 COL / 325$

Tzuica(Romania) plums / pears shot 50 ml 1000 col / 2$
Morata 50 ml / 1000 COL/2$

Desert on theShot(France) 570 col pieces
Tarte (France) & Mini tarte filled with creme patissiere and fresh fruits
Romanian Apple pie with strawberry, vanilla sauce, and caramel, 1500 col pieces. /20 pieces 30.000 col
Jam rulade / Koláč s bobule jam(Slovakia)
Lemon Tarte
Apple Roses

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