A History of Dracula

Myth & Legend about Vlad Tepes (Dracul)
This is the real Dracula myth or legend, not the fictious story of Brain Stocker’s vampire.

Vlad Tepes - Legend 

Vlad's history remains shrouded in mystery and legend and the truth is that nobody knows where legend ends to leave room history.
Being a not only historical, but also literary and folk prince was chosen by writer Bram Stoker as the main hero of the novel appeared in 1897. Then, Dracula and Transylvania, the land that houses the mysterious castle filled with ghosts and vampires somewhere the forests dark, became the subject of over 750 movies, documentaries or short stories inspired the Irish writer's novel.
There are many legends: One says that the transformation Count Vlad Tepes Dracula in blood thirsty is because, according to the custom at that time, winner of his fight appease the blood of the defeated band.
Is that the truth about Dracula? Legend or history.

Vlad The Impaler - History

Vlad the Impaler was born in Sighisoara, in Transylvania in 1431, the later ruler of Wallachia. His father, Vlad Dracul, was a knight in the Order of the Dragon, chivalric order in Eastern Europe aimed at stopping the Ottoman expansion. The order - which can be compared with that of the Knights of Malta or that of the Teutonic Knights - was a military- religious society , whose foundations were laid in 1387 Sigismund of Luxembourg , King of Hungary (later Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire). .
Order of the Dragon emblem represent a dragon (the Ottomans) and a cross (sign of Christianity) Vlad Dracul bore this symbol everywhere, on flags, coins and seals.

The origin of nick named ¨Devil / Dragon¨ also ¨Tepes¨ nick named.

The second son was Vlad II - DRACULA , At the end of the word " devil " is a way which established affiliation - Dracula , son of Dracul .
The nickname " Tepes " was attributed only after his death in 1476, his favorite because of the way the penalty . Impaling was a cruel execution , the victim being stuck in a sharp stick.
As a child , Vlad Tepes lived as a hostage of the Turks. While the family was murdered he was made ​​aware that it torments endured . This seems to be the reason why he poisoned soul so, come ruler, punishing cutting, skinning, pulling, decapitating or impaled.

Well known  for intolerance and cruelty, while Vlad was respected by his subjects for campaigns to fight the Turks. He was respected both as a fighter and as a ruler who does not tolerate injustice, during the reign of raising several monasteries. He was a hero worshiped, but also feared by his people.

Victor Hugo in "Legends of Siecles" play the way Vlad Tepes army faced Sultan Mehmed II, who came to conquer the Romanian Country. Moving to Targoviste, the soldiers of the Turkish army were terrified Tepes views of houses burnt, scorched plains, and poisoned water fountains, wanted to keep his land and his country, like a bravo soldier and king.
But all it culminated with the image next to the fortress walls where Vlad Tepes shelter: an immense forest of bodies. Seized with fear and horrified by the smell of 20,000 bodies of Turkish prisoners stuck in Tepe(stickes), Muhammad himself retired recognizing the victory of Prince.
For Romanian, Prince Vlad Tepes stayed during which you could drink water from Targoviste fortress, with a solid gold chalice without anybody to steal (historical sources confirm the existence of this bowl that was used until the day that Vlad Tepes  died).

Vlad's death
Dracula's death are not known in sufficient detail there several versions incomplete. The most popular story is that he had been killed in a battle against the Turks near Bucharest in December 1476. Another says the Wallachian boyar was killed during the battle.
What happened but Vlad's lifeless body? This is another mystery, a fabric of legends, none of which could not be confirmed.
Most historians believe that Vlad was buried near the altar Snagov Monastery, a monastery which is on an island in the middle of Snagov Lake. The fact is that trophy, his head was taken to Istambul, for the whole world to see that Ottoman rule was over really scary Prince.